Legal notice

Business Name: Shiga Kajiwara Farm 四賀梶原農園

Representative: Kajiwara Akira 梶原啓

Address: 399-7413, 66-1 Kanayama machi, Matsumoto, Nagano

Telephone: 0263064-3313

e-mail address:

shop item price: as indicated on each shop item page

cost other than shop item price:  In addition to delivery fee,  we charge an additional 300 yen if purchased on collect on delivery. 

payment method: credit card only for subscription purchases.  credit card, collect on delivery, PayPal for one time purchases

timing of payment transaction:  at the same time as an order is made.  For subscription orders, please go to SUBSCRIPTION PURCHASES.

timing of delivery: one time - as indicated on the shop item page, subscriptions (May - December) - according to delivery schedule specified by the customer at the time of purchase 

Delivery method: Yamato (Black Cat), Shinshu Aino Ryutsu Center for local delivery

Cancellation & Returns: We, Shiga Kajiwara Farm, do not accept returns. However, if the goods are damaged, please notify us and we will do our best to rectify the situation.  Our customers will not be charged for deliveries that they suspend or terminate as long as they notify us Shiga Kajiwara Farm via e-mail or their subscription account page at least 2 days prior to the scheduled delivery date. Please do not message us via FACEBOOK or Instagram for account related matters.

Return deadline: We do not accept returns.